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Jessica Johnson
Press Contact, ECP
Tel.: + 32 2 234 10 11

 On 6 October 2016, the European Concrete Platform responded to a European Commission consultation on a common framework of core indicators for the environmental performance of buildings.  In its response, the ECP indicated that it would not be appropriate to narrow the life cycle stage boundaries, nor the building component scope, as laid out in existing standards.  Furthermore, in order to provide accurate tracking information, the indicators should cover performance both at design and post-occupantion stages.

Concerning the indicators themselves, the ECP finds the following suitable as proposed:

  • Indicator 2.1. Cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment
  • Indicator 2.2. Service life reporting
  • Indicator 3.1. Total mains drinking water consumption
  • Indicator 4.1. Quantitative reporting on specific pollutant levels: CO2, total VOC, Carcinogenic VOCs, R-Value, formaldehyde, benzene and particulates (PM 2,5/10,0)
  • Indicator 4.1. Qualitative reporting on the presence of mould
  • Indicator 5.2a. Additional cooling primary energy consumption (kWh/m2)

Furthermore, the ECP also noted underlined the fact that indicator 2.2 has added value being reported as a separate indicator, whilst at the same time noting that a 'recycled content' indicator for building materials does not need to be developed because it is already addressed within indicators 1.2 (Operational and embodied GWP) and 2.1 (Cradle to grave LCA).

More information: Consultation - Response